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Illegal Hypnosis Finishing Move, Complete With Breakdancing

2 Feb

I can barely type because I’m laughing so hard. This is… just watch it:

The fruity-ass clap the black dude does at :49 is epic.

WTF Files: Baby’s New Head Tattoo

1 Dec

Do I really need to say anything about this? It’s absurdity speaks for itself.

Your thoughts? I know you’re thinking something.

– Aaron

Lil Wayne Impersonator Wanted (via Craigslist)

16 Jun

This has been all over the internet the past few days, but I’m posting it in case you haven’t come across it yet. Basically, a parent is looking for a Lil Wayne impersonator for his/her blind son. Yeah.


Click the image to enlarge:

Lil Wayne Impersonator

via Craigslist, Okayplayer, The Message Show, NY Mag, etc.

– Aaron