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Ghostface Theory of 12 Dudes

6 Aug

Last week we reminisced with “The World According to Pretty Tony“, a collection of short videos featuring Ghostface Killah giving advice on how to live hood. Unbeknownst to us, Ghost is still shelling out advice. Check out this clip of The Prettiest explaining his views on why he will “never wife a hoe”.

via- DC to BC

-dave (thats coming from me nigha)

More Ghostface on relationships after the jump.

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Ghostface – The World According to Pretty Toney

31 Jul

A few years ago, MTV got the brilliant idea (rare occurrence) to feature rapper Ghostface Killah in a series of short, between-music video segments.

The segments were so popular, it resulted in a book/audio-book deal for Ghost (a must listen!).

Below is a collection of the MTV shorts, and check out an excerpt from the book after the jump.

– Aaron

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