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H.O.O.D Fridays – It’s The Real

22 Nov

The It’s the Real guys gave Kanye’s new joint the ol’ rap album commercial treatment usually reserved for offerings by cats like Hell Rell and Sheek Louch.

“AKA Yeezy Bake Oven…”

It’s the Real – Jay ElecLeBronica

15 Nov

If you haven’t heard, underground rapper who likes to not put music out, Jay Electronica,  has rebuffed Diddy’s advances and signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Diddy threw tears on the fire with this emotional tweet over the weekend:

It’s all so gossipy and messy! Just like a situation earlier this year

The guys at It’s the Real parodied LeBron’s “Should I” Nike commercial, using Jay Electronica in the James’ role:

If you care, Jay Electronica and Diddy have apparently made up. Check their Twitter exchange after the jump.

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They Reminisce Over Ye – The Real

9 Feb

“Hi haters, we’re back off hiatus” (c) ‘Ye

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Glad to see them back.

– Aaron

Aaaaaand We’re Back…

9 Nov

Sorry we’ve been gone so long, the Phillies’ World Series run took a lot out of us, but now we’ve returned and plan to bombard you with funny stuff.

Speaking of being back, I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the beef between two of the three artists on the classic song, “Guess Who’s Back“. Well, last week the cats at The Real put out a hilarious animated video breaking the whole thing down.

Jay and the Beans Talk

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– Aaron

The Real Celebrates Its Two Year Anniversary

11 Aug

The Rosenthals have been poking fun at the world of hip-hop for two years now and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Watch as all their super-cool industry buddies congratulate them on their success (yes, that was a hint of hate):

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After the jump, watch a few of my favorite The Real videos from the past two years.

– Aaron

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Drake Falls and the Internet Goes Nuts

4 Aug

Shopping-bag Drizzy has been the source of internet humor for a minute now (ex: here and here), just the price you pay when your stock is that high; but this weekend’s spill at a Philadelphia concert has caused the net to enter into a frenzy.

Click here in case you still haven’t seen the fall. Oh, and LOL at Lil Wayne’s reaction.

The cats over at The Real wasted no time addressing the incident, as only they can:

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Something seems wrong about laughing at a dude with a torn ACL, MCL and “L”CL (see what I did there?), but something tells me he’ll be just fine.

Anyway, check out a spot on Drake look-a-like and his “Best I Ever Had Spoof” (done prior to the fall) after the jump.

– Aaron

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The Real – The Kelis Dating Game

28 Jul

There’s nothing inherently funny about the Nas/Kelis situation, but it hasn’t stopped anyone from cracking jokes.

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[The Real]

For Red and Meth’s reaction (which I’m sure you were highly anticipating), click here! Meth goes in.

– Aaron