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Tracy Morgan Calls Sarah Palin Good Masturbation Material on TNT

28 Jan

A seemingly completely sober Tracy Morgan addresses the intense Sarah Palin or Tina Fey debate on last night’s NBA on TNT broadcast in the funniest way possible. TNT has already issued an apology but seriously, what did they expect?

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90s YouTube Clip: Buffalo Bills Legend Bruce Smith Passes Out

9 Dec

Ok, obviously there’s nothing funny about someone passing out. But there is something funny about this video. A few somethings, actually.

My personal highlights:

1. Bruce Smith smiling despite his eyes showing he had been “checked-out” at :16 secs.

2. Smith looking possessed on the way down.

3. Smith keeping his hands in his pockets all the way down.

4. Complete jerk Trev Albert continuing to run his mouth despite Smith’s possible death.

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Cleveland Fans Guide to Heckling LeBron James

2 Dec

LeBron James makes his triumphant return to the city of Cleveland tonight, and Cavs fans are completely prepared obsessed.

The website Cavs Chants has put together a minute-by-minute chant sheet for fans attending the game. The first half is below, check out the second half after the jump.

Comic Sans though? Not gonna lie, “Witness-ed Noth-ing” is a pretty funny one.

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ESPN’s Stuart Scott Accidently Drops the F-Word on Live TV

2 Dec

Not nearly as funny as Matt Millen found it:

Michael Vick and the Eagles Destroy the Washington Redskins

16 Nov

What do you mean this isn’t comedy? Then why was I laughing for 3.5 hours last night?

White Wednesdays: Stiller & Meara on LeBron and the Heat

27 Oct

Who doesn’t want to hear Jerry Stiller complaining about the city of Cleveland, the Knicks and LeBron James?

Episode Six of the long-time comedic couple’s web series, Stiller & Meara

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Tall Justice with Chris Bosh

26 Oct

Miami Heat third-wheel Chris Bosh stars as Chris Justice in “Tall Justice”.

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Season starts tonight!