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Diddy and Robert DeNiro on Saturday Night Live

5 Dec

I don’t even know what to say about this skit.

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SNL’s Jay Pharoah as Denzel Washingon in “Unstoppable” Spoof

15 Nov

On this week’s Saturday Night Live, SNL’s Jay Pharoah brought out his internet-famous Denzel Washington impression in a spoof of the movie “Unstoppable”:

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SNL’s Jimmy McMillan “The Rent is Too Damn High” Sketch

25 Oct

Kenan bodied this.

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The “i-sleep PRO” – Black Noise (SNL Commercial Skit)

4 Oct

Lackluster episode of SNL this weekend, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t giggle at this sketch:

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Kenan also performed in his always-funny, “What Up With That” sketch with a special cameo by Joe Cla… Morgan Freeman. I have no idea why this recurring sketch makes me laugh so hard:

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Recap: Charles Barkley Hosts Saturday Night Live

10 Jan

Last night, NBA Hall of Famer (and generally hilarious human being) Charles Barkley hosted SNL. Chuck’s never been much of an actor (Space Jam) but often just seeing dude on camera can draw enough laughs to make any sketch worth it. Last night was full of hits and misses; you be the judge of which ones worked.

(These may be out of order of how they aired… who cares?)

1. The Opening Monologue
The monologue was awkward and choppy, mainly because Charles was relying on the teleprompter so much (not rare for non-actors). Nice to see a Hannibal Burress cameo (as “Mike”).

2. Reel Quotes
This was probably my favorite Barkley sketch of the night:

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Host: May the force be…?
Barkley as Sam: equal to mass times acceleration!

Check out more Charles after the jump.

– Aaron

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Tiger Woods on SNL

7 Dec

Yes, another Tiger Woods post. It’s the last one, I swear.

Kenan Thompson does a so-so Tiger Woods impression in this sketch (not really his fault, I mean, c’mon! One black cast member?) but overall, I found this hilarious.

Shout out to Blake Lively…

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– Aaron

Saturday Night Live: What Up With That?

20 Oct

This past Saturday night, Keenan delivered on the rare chance he has to shine:

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– Aaron