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Fake Rick Ross Signing Autographs at Howard University Homecoming

2 Nov

The camera man is killing me! “Rozay! Rozay!”

Affion Crockett – B.M.F. Rick Ross Spoof (Full Version)

4 Oct

Well, here it is. I haven’t even watched it yet and I know it’s gonna be a classic:


After watching, I still prefer this Rawse impression.

Affion Crockett – B.M.F. Spoof Trailer

28 Sep

*Tries to wait patiently*

Spotted at 2Dopeboyz

Rev. Rozay B.M.F. Gospel Remix

23 Aug

I know, we’ve been gone for some time. I’ve recently moved to a new apt and my internet searches have been all about furniture and curtains. I’ll try to get back to posting more frequently.

Here’s something Aaron tweeted out last week. Blowing Money Fast (Gospel Mix)


Clinton Sparks Learns Bawse Lessons from Rick Ross

9 Sep

Clinton Sparks visited Ricky at his mansion in Florida to work on a new mixtape. He ended up messing around the whole time while Ross smoked amazing amounts of marijuana. Then later the dude from Gym Class Heroes shows up, but that’s not the funny part.

5:04 – “and you love doughnuts” – Clinton Sparks. Shots fired?

via The Internet Goon

In other funny hip-hop news, check out Rappers That Suck for hours of mean-spirited entertainment.

After the jump, check out the hilarious “So You Wanna Be a Rap Superstar?” flow chart I spotted on their site.

– Aaron

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Officer Ricky Ross (Rawse!) – Ego Freestyle

20 Jul

*Wipes tears of laughter from eyes*

The vocals at 2:40? Genius.

Some background for those unfamiliar.

– Aaron