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Hilarious Black Marriage Negotiations Videos

17 Oct

Saw these posted on Facebook and laughed my Black ass off (!!!). These are funny, yes, but also a little depressing cause a lot of truth is said in jest.

Black Marriage Negotiations

Black Marriage Negotiations (Woman’s Perspective)

Shout out to Tayyib for the find.

Very Smart Brothers’ 8 Relationship Books That Need To Be Published

28 Sep

Very Smart Brothers
published a hilarious post today, where they came up with eight relationship books that need to be published instead of Steve Harvey’s new joint.

Here’s a snippet:

1. “The Dick-Bait and Switch: Why We (Men) Happily Waste Women’s Prime Reproductive Years Even Though We Know It Will Eventually Bite Us In The Ass”

We all know the scenario (because, well, we’ve all done this before):

Boy meets Girl at annual “Stop The Violence!” community candlelight vigil and midnight kickball game. Boy is impressed enough with Girl’s spandex UnderArmor kickball outfit to sleep with her, but not impressed enough with Girl in general to do anything else with her. Girl, on the other hand, thinks Boy is the best thing since sliced bread, indoor plumbing, and Erykah Badu’s ass. Boy knows exactly how Girl feels, and also knows that sleeping with Girl will give mixed signals, but Boy does it anyway. Boy eventually cuts Girl off, and Girl takes it out on the next 17 men she dates, eventually culminating in Girl starting a NFNF (No Fidelity, No Fellatio) movement on Twitter.

Genius level posting. Check out the full post over at Very Smart Brothers.

Thanks for the heads up Mike.

Sucker For Love

30 Oct

When a girl is in love her friends are happy for her, when a guy is in love this happens:

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Doug Williams: A Relationship is Just Like Football

21 Oct

Comedian Doug Williams (yes, this Doug Williams) compares relationships to football. Uh, just like the title says.

– Aaron

Facebook Ruined My Relationship

24 Aug

Nothing’s sadder than seeing relationship statuses go from “in a relationship/married” to “it’s complicated” to “single”.


The Adventures of Tamika

19 Aug

In the 90s they exhaled. Today, they go on cruise ships.


Ghostface Theory of 12 Dudes

6 Aug

Last week we reminisced with “The World According to Pretty Tony“, a collection of short videos featuring Ghostface Killah giving advice on how to live hood. Unbeknownst to us, Ghost is still shelling out advice. Check out this clip of The Prettiest explaining his views on why he will “never wife a hoe”.

via- DC to BC

-dave (thats coming from me nigha)

More Ghostface on relationships after the jump.

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