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H.O.O.D Fridays – It’s The Real

22 Nov

The It’s the Real guys gave Kanye’s new joint the ol’ rap album commercial treatment usually reserved for offerings by cats like Hell Rell and Sheek Louch.

“AKA Yeezy Bake Oven…”

Cedric the Entertainer Stand Up

27 Aug

Cedric on Death Row Records and more:

– Aaron

Rap Lyrics Taken Literally = Pure Comedy

13 Aug

Stumbled across the hilarious Snacks and Shit blog yesterday and lost at least an hour of my afternoon.

Picture 4

Yeah, there are hundreds more of those on the site, so enjoy.

– Aaron

White Celebs Rock the Mic

15 Jun

Celebs crossing over to music is hardly a phenomenon, but a successful jump to hip-hop remains to be seen. Part of the reason may lie with the 3 videos below. Sadly, a couple of these joints are kinda hot.

1. The Whooliganz (Scott Caan and immensely successful hip hop producer/MC, Alchemist)

More jams after the break.

– Aaron

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