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Ray Lewis Old Spice Commercial

27 Sep

I know it’s far from brand new, but it dropped while the blog was on hiatus and 2dopeboyz just threw it up. Just watch it and laugh… again.

Ray Lewis for Old Spice:

Terry Crews’ Old Spice Commercials

Terry Crews’ Old Spice Commercials

5 Apr

Funny man, Terry Crews, shows off his comedic chops (and more) in these Old Spice Commercials.

Old Spice sure loves big buff black men. More Terry and Old Spice after the jump. For the complete collection go to the Odor Blocker’s youtube page.

– dave
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Funniest Commercial on Television Stars a Black Man!

16 Feb

If you own a TV, you’ve seen this Old Spice commercial a million times. And you’re probably still laughing every time it comes on.


– Aaron