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What the F*** is Michael Jordan Wearing?

12 Jan

New site by the folks who brought you this one. The one you’re on right now. LMB… nevermind. Just look:

What the F*** is Michael Jordan Wearing – http://wtfismikewearing.tumblr.com

Leroy Smith: My Gift to the Game

11 Sep

The latest in the Leroy Smith project.

via DC to BC

– Aaron

Nike’s Leroy Smith (Charlie Murphy) T-Shirts

13 Aug

A couple of months ago we made a post about Leroy Smith (played by Charlie Murphy), the man who motivated Michael Jordan.

Well now you can rock your very own limited edition Smith/Murphy t-shirt.


Click the shirt to purchase.

Check out one more shirt, along with another Leroy Smith video, after the jump.

– Aaron

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