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Michael Jackson Was a Breast Man, Apparently

21 Sep

“Look at her titties” – The King of Pop

Funnier than the actual video are the MJ fanatic YouTube commenters, who are more excited by this video than Mike probably was by the bouncing breasts.

Nerd Post: Super Michael Jackson Bros.

30 Jul

Have you ever wondered what playing Super Mario Bros. would be like if Michael Jackson was the main character? Me neither, but this video still cracks me up.

via the Okayplayer message boards

– Aaron

Purple Stuff TV – Episode 209: Groupies

15 Jul

Another one from the Purple Stuff TV gang.

The video really picks up at 2:03.

– Aaron

This Week’s Random Web Clips

2 Jul

These videos didn’t seem to fit in their own post, so here they are as a web comedy pu-pu platter. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Purple Stuff: Shanequa Doesn’t Like Octopuses

Three more after the jump.

– Aaron

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Rest in Peace: Michael Jackson

26 Jun

Note: This post will remain on the top of page 1 all day in remembrance of Michael Jackson. Scroll down throughout the day for the latest posts.

Michael Jackson had a pretty one-sided relationship with comedians, he provided them with tons of material and they… gladly accepted it. It wasn’t all negative though, and a ton of it was hilarious.

In memory of the King of Pop, we’ve compiled a few (non-negative) videos of impressions, stories, and jokes about Mike, that he may have even chuckled at.

His good friend Chris Tucker introduces Michael to the crowd:

Check out more after the break.

– Aaron (Michael Jackson fan since 3 years old)

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