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Funny Black Advertising

2 Dec

Kiss My Black Ads, a blog dedicated to advertising made by and/or for the black community, recently posed the question. “Why do African American [Ad] Agencies struggle with humor in commercials?” While reading their posts I thought back on my favorite ads targeted to our community, and could only think of McDonald’s efforts throughout the years, specifically “McNugget Lovin.” (The way McDonald’s accurately spoofed the era of Joe, circa 2000).

Also, check out the full version of the song, OMG (better than expected).

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DJ Khaled Loves McDonald’s

20 Oct

Listen to DJ Khaled rave about McDonald’s latest deals, as part of a commercial on his radio show. I’m not sure he loves Mickie D’s more than this guy, but he makes a convincing argument.

This thing is full of quotables, leave your favorite in the comments.

After the jump, watch DJ Khaled try to convince Kanye West that his single, “Out Here Grindin” is one of the greatest songs of all-time (I love this video!).

via The Urban Daily

– Aaron

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Lolz Files: Keith Sweat for McDonald’s

27 Aug

Keith Sweat

I can’t be the only one cracking up.

Courtesy of 365Black.com

I couldn’t find this anywhere on the site however.

– Aaron

The Church of McDonald’s

12 Jun

I don’t know the backstory of this video, I don’t even know if it’s supposed to be funny. All I know is that it makes me laugh. Even when I don’t want to.


– Aaron