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Hilarious Portraits of Your Favorite Comedians

29 Nov

1. Martin Lawrence by NielsDV
2. Tracy Morgan by feliperatinho
3. Kevin Hart by INF3CT3D-D3M0N
4. Eddie Murphy by liamska
5. Dave Chapplle by  Frayna77
6. Richard Pryor by digistyle

Artwork found on Deviant Art.

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Do the White Thing: Great Moments in Whiteface History

15 Nov

After every Halloween the internet is flooded with stories and photos of white people dressed in blackface. A brief look into American history explains why 99% of the time this is a horrible idea and  extremely offensive.

There are a few examples of blackface being done in a somewhat acceptable manner (see: Tropic Thunder – even that was cringe-worthy at times), but overall it’s a great way to stumble into an ass-whooping.

“Whiteface” on the other hand is generally hilarious (as it has the luxury of having no shameful history), so after the jump check out our list of Great Moments in “Whiteface” History.

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Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son – Trailer

8 Nov

Why, why, why? Why? It’s just… why?

Basically, why?

Like Father, Like Son, huh. I guess it could be worse.

Throwback Clip: Biggie on Martin

9 Mar

Classic television right here.

“the greatest rapper of all-time died on March 9th” – Canibus

via Blunted Reality

– Aaron

Sheneneh and Wanda Officially Headed to the Big Screen

10 Nov

Variety reports that Screen Gems has acquired the rights to “Sheneneh and Wanda” (formerly known as “Skank Robbers”) meaning the dynamic duo is likely headed to theaters everywhere in the not too distant future.

If you don’t remember, the idea started as a skit by Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence for the BET Awards earlier this year and has taken on a life of its own. (Click here to check out the BET Awards segment.)

In honor of the news, check out Sheneneh and Wanda in all of their 90s glory.

The Best of Sheneneh Part One:

Part Two | Part Three

Peep Jamie Foxx as Wanda after the jump.

– Aaron

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The Dark Knight vs Blade Trailer

27 Oct

Re-Trailer Mix Wesley Snipes’ “Blade” vs Christian Bales’ “Dark Knight”.

Worthy opponents.
Another cool re-Edit (Crazy Interview) and Martin Lawerence vs Wesley Snipes after the jump.

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Big Momma’s House 3 and Lottery Ticket on Deck

8 Sep
Focus on Nia and everything will be okay.

Focus on Nia and everything will be okay.

Surfing the internet this weekend, I stumbled across some… umm… interesting news about a couple of upcoming black comedies.

If last week’s Bad Boys 3 news wasn’t enough for you, it appears Mike Lowry’s partner is throwing the fat-suit and wig back on to reprise his role of Big Momma in a third installment of the series. I’ve really got nothing else to add.

In slightly more promising news, Ice Cube, Brandon T. Jackson and Bow Wow are set to star in Lottery Ticket. The movie apparently revolves around Bow Wow’s character, who is in possession of a winning lottery ticket and needs to cash it in before his “opportunistic” neighbors get a hold of him. Or something like that.

via The Urban Daily

Personally, I don’t want to see Ice Cube in a movie revolving around the lottery unless it’s All About the Benjamins 2. With that said… check out a clip from the LMBAO-classic-rated movie after the jump.

– Aaron

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