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SNL’s Jimmy McMillan “The Rent is Too Damn High” Sketch

25 Oct

Kenan bodied this.

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Previously: NY Candidate for Governor Jim McMillan of the “Rent Is Too Damn High Party” at Debate

via Gawker TV

The “i-sleep PRO” – Black Noise (SNL Commercial Skit)

4 Oct

Lackluster episode of SNL this weekend, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t giggle at this sketch:

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Kenan also performed in his always-funny, “What Up With That” sketch with a special cameo by Joe Cla… Morgan Freeman. I have no idea why this recurring sketch makes me laugh so hard:

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SNL: Kenan as Mo’Nique on Weekend Update

8 Mar

It’s apparently Mo’Nique day on LMBAO.

Kenan once again threw on the makeup and weave, this time to impersonate Mo’nique working on her potential Oscar acceptance speech.

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Congrats to Mo’Nique though, she definitely deserved it… I think… ok, I never saw the movie.

– Aaron

Tiger Woods on SNL

7 Dec

Yes, another Tiger Woods post. It’s the last one, I swear.

Kenan Thompson does a so-so Tiger Woods impression in this sketch (not really his fault, I mean, c’mon! One black cast member?) but overall, I found this hilarious.

Shout out to Blake Lively…

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more about “Tiger Woods on SNL“, posted with vodpod

– Aaron

USA’s Psych “High Top Fade Out”

29 Sep

On a recent episode of Psych, “High Top Fade Out”, “Gus” (the black dude) woefully reunites with his college a capella group. The quartet included “Gus”, Jaleel White, Kenan Thompson, and a fourth member, “Diddle”.

Aaron’s favorite lines @ 2:17

Watch the full episode on USANETWORKS.com and on HULU (available on both sites October 3, which doesn’t help you today)


Michael Steele on Saturday Night Live

24 Sep

Kenan Thompson does a bang-up job portraying, black Republican, Michael Steele on SNL: Weekend Update.

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“I feel like… Black republican, money I got coming in cant turn my back on the hood I got love for them/Cant claim my act has been good, too much thug in him/I’ll probably end back in the hood like f**k it then

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Kenan Thompson – ABC News Interview

18 Jun

About a month ago, Kenan sat down with ABC to talk about SNL, his new animated series, and his cross-dressing habit.

Since ABC refuses to join 2009 and provide an embed code, please click the image below to be taken to the video on their incredible, must-see web site.

Kenan on ABC

Yes, two Kenan Thompson mentions in one day. We break records and set trends over here.

– Aaron