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The Original Stage Crasher: Ol Dirty Bastard

15 Sep

Before Kanye made a sport of it, ODB had already mastered it.

Notice the applause…

– Aaron


Kanye Interrupts Barack Obama

14 Sep

We’re basically closed for business today, but I stumbled across this little gem and figured I’d share:

For your reference:
Joe Wilson interrupts President Obama
Kanye interrupts Taylor Swfit

– Aaron

Format Mag Simpsonizes Hip-Hop Superstars

10 Sep

In a series titled “No Homer” (oh, I get it), Format Mag has turned your favorite rapper (ok, probably not your favorite) into a Simpsons character. It’s more entertaining than you’d think… I hope.

Kanye is above, check out the rest at Format Mag.

via Comedy Central Insider

Check out Curtis Jackson’s actual Simpsons performance after the jump.

– Aaron

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