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Remember: Jamie Foxx as Tyrone Koppel

10 Feb

Back in November we put together a list of Great Moments in Whiteface History. When we published it, I had a nagging feeling that I had forgotten one of my favorites, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

Luckily, the other day a commenter called us out on forgetting Jamie Foxx’s Tyrone Koppel character and I realized that’s the one we forgot. I’m still not clear on whether Koppel is supposed to be white, black or ashy, but this character used to have me rolling back in the day.

Here’s why:

Jamie Foxx on Lopez Tonight

10 Feb

Check out Jamie Foxx acting like a fool (in a good way) with George Lopez on on Lopez Tonight.

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– Aaron

Sheneneh and Wanda Officially Headed to the Big Screen

10 Nov

Variety reports that Screen Gems has acquired the rights to “Sheneneh and Wanda” (formerly known as “Skank Robbers”) meaning the dynamic duo is likely headed to theaters everywhere in the not too distant future.

If you don’t remember, the idea started as a skit by Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence for the BET Awards earlier this year and has taken on a life of its own. (Click here to check out the BET Awards segment.)

In honor of the news, check out Sheneneh and Wanda in all of their 90s glory.

The Best of Sheneneh Part One:

Part Two | Part Three

Peep Jamie Foxx as Wanda after the jump.

– Aaron

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Jamie Foxx on the Jay Leno

7 Oct

Jay’s been very kind to black comedians since he’s been back. Jamie Foxx is still a comedian, right?

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– Aaron

In Living Color – Duke and Cornbread

23 Jul

Academy Award ® winner Jamie Foxx drags around a dead dog.

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– Aaron

Skank Robbers is a Go?

1 Jul

In case you missed the BET Awards on Sunday (wise dec… nevermind), Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence threw on the ol’ women’s clothing and resurrected their hit characters Wanda and Sheneneh for the mock movie trailer, Skank Robbers.

Well, apparently Jamie Foxx called the Ricky Smiley Show yesterday morning and announced since the segment got such a great response, he plans to release it as a full length film to be released next summer. Foxx also makes it sound as if Lawrence is already on board.

How do you feel about this? Is it too late for this to be successful?

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– Aaron

Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx Return to Television

25 Jun

"It's feeling like the 90s all over again, man!"

Have you been complaining that there are not enough black people on television, outside of the stellar reality programming VH1 provides? Well you’re in luck! Marty-Mar and Academy Award winner (still laughing) Jamie Foxx have several projects in development with a few stations.

Foxx has reunited with his old In Living Color producers for an yet-to-be titled sketch comedy program on MTV. No word on who’s been tapped to star in the show, but this is definitely something to be excited for… as long as it doesn’t knock and of MTV’s Diddy programming off the air.

Not to be outdone, this time at least, Martin Lawrence has three projects with his name on it in development. The first is a return to Fox network with an animated series, focusing on Lawrence’s childhood in DC. He is also shopping a comedy based on a funeral home that has yet to find a home anywhere.

His most exciting project, in my opinion, is a Gary Owen sitcom on Starz, which the station has left in the hands of Lawrence to develop. The show would center around the life of Owen and his interracial household. With Martin Lawrence and Gary Owen involved, I have very little doubt about how awesome this project is going to be.

Update: We see you Gary!

Update again:
Skank Robbers – Trailer (from the BET Awards)

– Aaron