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Ice Cube: Then and Now

20 Oct

Yuuup! (c) Trey Songz

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– Aaron

Big Momma’s House 3 and Lottery Ticket on Deck

8 Sep
Focus on Nia and everything will be okay.

Focus on Nia and everything will be okay.

Surfing the internet this weekend, I stumbled across some… umm… interesting news about a couple of upcoming black comedies.

If last week’s Bad Boys 3 news wasn’t enough for you, it appears Mike Lowry’s partner is throwing the fat-suit and wig back on to reprise his role of Big Momma in a third installment of the series. I’ve really got nothing else to add.

In slightly more promising news, Ice Cube, Brandon T. Jackson and Bow Wow are set to star in Lottery Ticket. The movie apparently revolves around Bow Wow’s character, who is in possession of a winning lottery ticket and needs to cash it in before his “opportunistic” neighbors get a hold of him. Or something like that.

via The Urban Daily

Personally, I don’t want to see Ice Cube in a movie revolving around the lottery unless it’s All About the Benjamins 2. With that said… check out a clip from the LMBAO-classic-rated movie after the jump.

– Aaron

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Mike Epps and Ice Cube Reunite in Janky Promoters

27 Jul

Picture 3

Can someone please fill me in on this flick, Janky Promoters? Other than this Ice Cube track featuring Young Jeezy, I can’t find much about it, despite the fact it’s supposed to be released July 31.

From IMDb:

Two shady concert promoters (Cube and Epps) get into hot water when their chance to book a superstar rapper goes awry.

As of today, no trailer has been released but based on the cast: Ice Cube, Mike Epps and Jeezy (as himself. what?), I don’t have a choice but to keep it on the radar.

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– Aaron

Terry Crews to Star in “Are We There Yet?”: The Series

20 Jul

Ice Cube is set to executive produce a TV series based on his hit movie Are We There Yet? (and sequel). TBS has ordered 10 episodes and plans to premiere the show in June 2010, with LMBAO favorite Terry Crews taking on the lead role that Ice Cube played in the film.

terrycrews_icecubeCube (is that weird?) will also appear in the sitcom as a recurring character, and is quoted saying: “Terry Crews is the perfect person to replace me as Nick. His physical comedy is undeniable.”

*Looks at photo*
Well, Ice Cube knows that firsthand.

In case you forgot or are ignorantly unaware of Terry Crews’ comedic prowess, check out this post.

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