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Chris Tucker’s Greatest Movie Moments

9 Dec

Chris Tucker hasn’t been in a movie since 2007’s terrible Rush Hour 3 and only has about 10 movies to his name period. On the plus side, dude has done some seriously funny stuff in those few movies (and made a ton of money).

The Urban Daily pulled together Chris Tucker’s funniest movie moments and they started with a highlight reel from the classic, Friday:

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Gregory Peck, Tupac, & Biggie

8 Jun

Hilarious acrylic paintings by David MacDowell. Pretty awesome & bad ass.

“Menace 2 Sobriety”

via- Cretique

David’s paintings of Sam Jackson, Friday the Movie, Jimmie Hendrix, and Biz Markie after the jump.

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The Coming To America Challenge: Friday

10 Aug

The Challenge: Name 5 funny black comedies, post-Coming To America.

1: The Friday Trilogy (1995, 2000, 2002) – Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps

I actually saw the first Friday in theaters, with my parents. Terrible.


More Friday Trilogy after the jump.


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