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90s YouTube Clip: Buffalo Bills Legend Bruce Smith Passes Out

9 Dec

Ok, obviously there’s nothing funny about someone passing out. But there is something funny about this video. A few somethings, actually.

My personal highlights:

1. Bruce Smith smiling despite his eyes showing he had been “checked-out” at :16 secs.

2. Smith looking possessed on the way down.

3. Smith keeping his hands in his pockets all the way down.

4. Complete jerk Trev Albert continuing to run his mouth despite Smith’s possible death.

via OKP

Michael Vick and the Eagles Destroy the Washington Redskins

16 Nov

What do you mean this isn’t comedy? Then why was I laughing for 3.5 hours last night?

Doug Williams: A Relationship is Just Like Football

21 Oct

Comedian Doug Williams (yes, this Doug Williams) compares relationships to football. Uh, just like the title says.

– Aaron

Fiya Starter’s 2009 NFL Preview and Fantasy Advice

10 Sep

The NFL kicks off tonight, and the hilarious cats over at FiyaStarter have just dropped their 2009 NFL Power Rankings and if you’ve ever seen the site or their work in Complex Magazine, you know you’re getting more than just Xs and Os.

On the Green Bay Packers:

It’s sad that despite his continued maturation and clear superiority to Alex Smith, nothing Aaron Rodgers does will matter if he doesn’t beat the Wrangler spokes model up in Minnesota, but then again he’s a millionaire, so whatever, his problem.

Their 12 Fantasy Football Rules for Black People is also comedic gold:

Step: 10: Don’t take a black QB. Um, sorry. I ain’t even gonna explain it. Just remember I said don’t do it.

*Looks at McNabb on fantasy football team…*

Are you ready for some football!?

– Aaron