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Turn Your Pain to Rain – Ridiculous Law Firm Commercial

7 Jan


Braxton on the right kills me when he delivers the tagline with the ice-grill on. Dude is not playing around.

via World Star Disgracefulness

H.O.O.D Fridays – It’s The Real

22 Nov

The It’s the Real guys gave Kanye’s new joint the ol’ rap album commercial treatment usually reserved for offerings by cats like Hell Rell and Sheek Louch.

“AKA Yeezy Bake Oven…”

Dwight Howard and Ken Jeong: Fast Don’t Lie (Addidas Commercial)

7 Oct

Funny or not? I’m too sick to laugh right now.

Frederick Douglass Shilling Afro Sheen [70s TV Commercial]

28 Sep

Somethings are just funny cause they’re old. Some things are just funny cause they’re awkward. Some things are just funny cause they’re random. This old commercial is funny for all those reasons plus some.

This might just be the greatest thing on the internet (for today at least).

Spotted at The Message Show

Ray Lewis Old Spice Commercial

27 Sep

I know it’s far from brand new, but it dropped while the blog was on hiatus and 2dopeboyz just threw it up. Just watch it and laugh… again.

Ray Lewis for Old Spice:

Terry Crews’ Old Spice Commercials

Dexter McCluster of the Kansas City Chiefs – Don’t Text and Drive Rap

23 Sep

*blank stare*

Strong candidate for Facepalm of the Week.

via Deadspin via the homie Drew

Hilarious Sunscreen Ad

3 May

We all need protection from the sun.

via kissmyblackads