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We Haven’t Shown Patrice O’Neal Enough Love

17 Feb

Patrice has a new special airing on Comedy Central this weekend (Saturday night at 10pm) called Elephant in the Room – which will dropping on DVD next Tuesday. In preparation, he’s been dropping these hilarious short videos with him discussing sex with a reject group of Sex in the City types.

If you’ve ever heard Patrice’s material, you already know these are dirty as hell.

The Dirty Turkey

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Old P***y vs. New P***y

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Tracy Morgan – Jokes.com Interview

16 Nov

I have no idea what is going on during this interview but I definitely heard Tracy Morgan say if he was a slave he would’ve gotten Harriet Tubman pregnant. Ummm… yup.

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via Jokes.com

Donnell Rawlings: From Ashy to Classy Airs This Saturday on Comedy Central

19 Oct

LMBAO has a very… err… complicated relationship with comedian Donnell Rawlings (more on that another time) but we’re going to push that aside for now and let you know about his upcoming special on Comedy Central entitled From Ashy to Classy, airing this Saturday at 11 p.m.

Jokes.com caught up with Rawlings this week to get his thoughts on his first time on stage, funny internet stuff and the future of stand-up:

What did it feel like getting on stage for the first time?

I thought because I was an accomplished heckler, I would be an accomplished comic. I wrote what I thought was a half-hour worth of material, which panned out to be, like, 10 seconds because there’s a difference writing and performing for yourself in the mirror than performing for a live crowd. And the minute I went on stage it’s like I drew a blank and I had to resort to some things I did as a heckler. But it taught me a lesson to never heckle a comic.

Read the full interview here.

From Ashy to Classy preview:

Chris Rock’s Kill the Messenger: Tonight at 9 on Comedy Central

10 Jan

In case you don’t have HBO and haven’t caught Chris Rock’s 2008 stand up special, Kill the Messenger, on DVD yet, Comedy Central is premiering it tonight at 9. Perfect for those of us who need a laugh after this weekend’s disappointing football games.

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– Aaron

The Black Nerd’s Tribute to Funny Black People

25 Jun

This video is a result of a Comedy Central contest where people submitted homages to great comedians. Andre, the self-proclaimed “Black Nerd“, took it one step further and did a ton of impressions.

Check it out:

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via Comedy Central Insider

– Aaron

DeRay Davis Stand Up

23 Jun

If you had the chance to catch Shaq & Cedric the Entertainer’s All Star Comedy Jam on Showtime this week, then you already know DeRay killed it (in a good way). If you haven’t seen it yet… well, DeRay killed it.

Check out a couple of clips from his Comedy Central special:

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– Aaron

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Date a Cop: Raineesha Williams

10 Jun

Reno 911’s Raineesha, or Ray Ray, describes her ideal mate:

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via The Comedy Central Insider

– Aaron