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Chris Tucker’s Greatest Movie Moments

9 Dec

Chris Tucker hasn’t been in a movie since 2007’s terrible Rush Hour 3 and only has about 10 movies to his name period. On the plus side, dude has done some seriously funny stuff in those few movies (and made a ton of money).

The Urban Daily pulled together Chris Tucker’s funniest movie moments and they started with a highlight reel from the classic, Friday:

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Chris Tucker Back On Stage

30 Mar

Chris Tucker was recently spotted hitting the comedy club stage in LA. It’s just a snippet, but I imagine it’s been a while since Mr. 20 Million a Movie has done a set.


I was wrong on it having been a while.

– Aaron

Rest in Peace: Michael Jackson

26 Jun

Note: This post will remain on the top of page 1 all day in remembrance of Michael Jackson. Scroll down throughout the day for the latest posts.

Michael Jackson had a pretty one-sided relationship with comedians, he provided them with tons of material and they… gladly accepted it. It wasn’t all negative though, and a ton of it was hilarious.

In memory of the King of Pop, we’ve compiled a few (non-negative) videos of impressions, stories, and jokes about Mike, that he may have even chuckled at.

His good friend Chris Tucker introduces Michael to the crowd:

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– Aaron (Michael Jackson fan since 3 years old)

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