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Chris Rock – Crackers (Hey Ya Spoof)

31 Mar

Did not see this coming at all.

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– Aaron

F*ck The Police: The Polite Verison

18 Mar

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Chris Rock On: White Folks and the N-Word

12 Mar

In honor of this confused lad (who happens to be the founder of Tumblr).

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Inside Chris Rock’s “Death At A Funeral”

4 Feb

We’ve posted about Death at a Funeral before and I’m pretty excited to see it based on the cast alone. Check out some of that hilarious cast talking about the movie, below:

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In theaters April 16th.

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Chris Rock’s Kill the Messenger: Tonight at 9 on Comedy Central

10 Jan

In case you don’t have HBO and haven’t caught Chris Rock’s 2008 stand up special, Kill the Messenger, on DVD yet, Comedy Central is premiering it tonight at 9. Perfect for those of us who need a laugh after this weekend’s disappointing football games.

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more about "Kill the Messenger with Chris Rock ", posted with vodpod

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Chris Rock Gave Nia Long a Fake Number

13 Oct

Meant to post this last week…

Anyway, back in the day when Nia Long was doing daytime soaps and Chris Rock was doing his SNL thing, the two budding stars were setup on a blind date… and it didn’t exactly go all-so-great.

Peep the two of them on Wendy Williams’ Show promoting their new flick, Good Hair.

I’m sure in retrospect, both wish they had handled the situation better. I mean, just think about it.

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Chris Rock and Oprah: My Black Friend

7 Oct

Oprah’s Harpo Films is developing a new flick with Chris Rock as the lead, entitled My Black Friend.

According to Reuters:

The project stems from a November GQ magazine article written by senior correspondent Devin Friedman, who began a self-conscious search for black friends on Craigslist. The white, married Manhattan journalist then pursued his quixotic quest to expand his social circle, with unexpected results.

Sounds promising.

In other Chris Rock news, he recently sat down with the Chicago Tribune and spoke about the challenge to be funny at all times:

“Somebody said the other day, ‘Larry King likes you.’ Dude, are you saying I’m not funny on the show? Forget ‘like.’ ”

When it comes to his job — “I’ve got to be funny” — Rock is looking for full-blown love.

And some of his favorite new comedians.

” Jonah Hill is my favorite. I’d walk across any room to say hi to Jonah Hill. That kid is hysterical.”

Check out the full interview.

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