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Do the White Thing: Great Moments in Whiteface History

15 Nov

After every Halloween the internet is flooded with stories and photos of white people dressed in blackface. A brief look into American history explains why 99% of the time this is a horrible idea and  extremely offensive.

There are a few examples of blackface being done in a somewhat acceptable manner (see: Tropic Thunder – even that was cringe-worthy at times), but overall it’s a great way to stumble into an ass-whooping.

“Whiteface” on the other hand is generally hilarious (as it has the luxury of having no shameful history), so after the jump check out our list of Great Moments in “Whiteface” History.

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Chappelle’s Show and Hip-Hop

2 Sep

Chappelle’s Show did an amazing job of infusing hip-hop music into episodes, not only through the musical performances at the end of the show, but by actually using the musicians in various sketches.

Comedy Central Insider
has compiled Chappelle’s Show best hip-hop moments over on their site, and below I’ve posted my personal favorite.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ok, one more after the jump.

– Aaron

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Trading Spouses – Classic Chappelle’s Show

10 Jul

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Who the f*ck is Renee Zellweger?” – The Incomparable Leonard Washington

– Aaron