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The Coming To America Challenge: Friday

10 Aug

The Challenge: Name 5 funny black comedies, post-Coming To America.

1: The Friday Trilogy (1995, 2000, 2002) – Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps

I actually saw the first Friday in theaters, with my parents. Terrible.


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Next Week: The Coming To America Challenge

7 Aug

Recently, I was talking to a co-worker who exclaimed with passion, “There are no funny black movies. Not since Coming To America.” My response, “You’re crazy!” Coming To America was released in 1988, a good 21 years ago. Since then countless great black comedies were released.”

Next week I will share my top 5 black comedies, since Coming To America. In the meantime, here’s some funny moments from Coming To America (1988)

I swear thats Jamie Foxx


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