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Cam’ron on National News = Comedy

30 Sep

Many times there is a fine line between comedy and complete ignorance. Cam’ron walks it often.

Below are two of his finest examples, sure to make you cringe, then chuckle and in two days, trust me, you’ll be quoting and laughing from the gut. Or you’ll just cry at the state of America.

Cam’ron on 60 Minutes (jump to 1:40 if you’re in a hurry)

“I’ll probably move” – Cam

Killa Cam with Dame Dash on The O’Reilly Factor

I’d be hard pressed to find a dumber individual in music, and this is coming from a fan.

– Aaron

Exclusive Mike Vick Interview

26 Aug

Comedian Jack Thriller aka Dry Dick Donnie interviews Mike Vick about football, dogfighting, leadership and life. Kind of.

– Aaron