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Classic Web Video: Man’s Chair Collapses Live on Television

29 Oct

This an old clip, but still one of the funniest videos on the internet. Jimmy Fallon’s show reminded me of it in their “Remix the Clips” segment and now I can’t stop running it back.

This one is on him. After the chair started to give at the first snap, he should have realized what was going down. Him.

White Wednesdays: Halloween

27 Oct

Before you go out this Halloween here’s something to remember.


Antoine Dodson (of Bed Intruder Fame) Promotes New Sex Offender Mobile App

25 Oct

On one hand, it’s great he’s using the last of his 15 minutes to finally address what he’s “famous” for in the first place. On the other hand, I think we don’t need to see much more of this guy post-Halloween.

via Urban Daily

Complex Presents Hip-Hop’s 50 Best Animated GIFS

20 Oct

I love a good animated gif and have a dedicated folder on my computer to collect some of the greatest ones. Complex went ahead and pulled together their top 50 hip-hops ones and you’ll be right-clicking and saving like crazy.

My personal favorite:

LOL @ how many Diddy and Dipset gifs are in there. Harlem runs the GIF game?

via Complex and Julian

White Wednesdays: Kentucky Women’s Basketball Coach Matthew Mitchell Does the Dougie

20 Oct

Not gonna front, he does it better than me…

via Internet Goon

Gregory Peck, Tupac, & Biggie

8 Jun

Hilarious acrylic paintings by David MacDowell. Pretty awesome & bad ass.

“Menace 2 Sobriety”

via- Cretique

David’s paintings of Sam Jackson, Friday the Movie, Jimmie Hendrix, and Biz Markie after the jump.

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Kia Hamsters Can Get With This Or That

7 Jun