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Hilariously Bad Music Video of the Week: MC Hammer (again) – Better Run Run

1 Nov

The meeting at the beginning of the video seemed pretty important. More important than accusing Jay-Z of stealing his swag and leaving his “fingerprints all over the bag”. I mean, it was a 3D laptop…

What was your favorite line?

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Hilariously Bad Music Video of the Week: MC Hammer – No Stopping Us (USA)

26 Oct

After the events of 9/11 the nation was searching for guidance, and only man could provide the direction and encouragement we were so desperately seeking. That man was MC Hammer.

MC Hammer – No Stopping Us (USA)

Looks the Hammerman might be making an appearance in next week’s bad video segment as well…

Baracka Flacka Flames – Head Of The State (Waka Flocka Parody)

21 Oct


I laughed for a good fifteen minutes before I even watched the video based on the title. Thanks to Julian for single-handedly saving an otherwise terrible day (shout out to the Phila. Parking Authority).

Audio is not-safe-for-work. If offended by the n-word, don’t bother clicking.

Lemme Smang It – Yung Humma ft Flynt Flossy

21 Oct

Instant classic.

via MrWalker54

Complex Presents Hip-Hop’s 50 Best Animated GIFS

20 Oct

I love a good animated gif and have a dedicated folder on my computer to collect some of the greatest ones. Complex went ahead and pulled together their top 50 hip-hops ones and you’ll be right-clicking and saving like crazy.

My personal favorite:

LOL @ how many Diddy and Dipset gifs are in there. Harlem runs the GIF game?

via Complex and Julian

Willow Smith and Sesame Street Mashup – Whip My Hair

17 Oct

The Urban Daily mashed up Willow Smith’s hit song with Sesame Street’s recent “I Love My Hair” segment, and the results are crazy.

This was seriously well done. Props to Mec Jagger.

Peep the original Sesame Street clip after the jump.

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Antoine Dodson Performs The Bed Intruder Song on the BET Hip Hop Awards

13 Oct

Last night, Antoine Dodson of “Bed Intruder” fame performed briefly on the BET Hip Hop Awards. Only in America.