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Lil Duval – This Christmas

28 Nov

That recession music.

H.O.O.D Fridays – It’s The Real

22 Nov

The It’s the Real guys gave Kanye’s new joint the ol’ rap album commercial treatment usually reserved for offerings by cats like Hell Rell and Sheek Louch.

“AKA Yeezy Bake Oven…”

Random Alabama Dude Sings Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”

22 Nov

Instant classic. Almost everything about this video is perfect.

“designated driver take the keys to my truck”

Drake’s Revenge (Drake Metaphor Parody)

18 Nov

This starts slow but by the end I was chuckling. Yup, chuckling.

Spotted at OKP

It’s the Real – Jay ElecLeBronica

15 Nov

If you haven’t heard, underground rapper who likes to not put music out, Jay Electronica,  has rebuffed Diddy’s advances and signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Diddy threw tears on the fire with this emotional tweet over the weekend:

It’s all so gossipy and messy! Just like a situation earlier this year

The guys at It’s the Real parodied LeBron’s “Should I” Nike commercial, using Jay Electronica in the James’ role:

If you care, Jay Electronica and Diddy have apparently made up. Check their Twitter exchange after the jump.

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Lil Jon – Sesame Street Anthem feat. Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg

10 Nov

Remember that wholesome, humorous Sesame Street video we posted a while back? This ain’t that.

*strong language warning*

I still hate Rosenberg though.

Spotted at 2Dopeboyz

Fake Rick Ross Signing Autographs at Howard University Homecoming

2 Nov

The camera man is killing me! “Rozay! Rozay!”