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Throwback Clip: Sanford & Son – Fred Sanford Drops the N-Word in Court

11 Feb

As a kid, I was catching Sanford & Son on reruns, so I never knew the n-word was getting thrown around on the show, which aired on broadcast national television.

Check out this uncensored clip, which is funny as hell censored or uncensored:

Richard Pryor Marathon

10 Apr

Today TVone is airing 10 hrs of Richard Pryor TV and movies. The marathon starts at 4pm and goes until 2am. Check out the schedule to catch your favorites.

This clip gets ridiculous after 4:00.


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F*ck The Police: The Polite Verison

18 Mar

-via KissMyBlackAds

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Sinbad: Food & Metaphors

30 Nov

Nutrisystem is not for a hungry man.

Sinbad on Gourmet Chicken vs Chicken Nuggets after the break.

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Steve Harvey Show/Judge Mathis Episode

9 Nov

Students Romeo, Bullethead, and Lydia take Steve and Regina to court over a broken portable computer.

RIP Merlin Santana


Young Bill Cosby On Being A Black Comedian

27 Oct

1963 Bill Cosby interview about being a black comedian in the 60s.

Another Bill Cosby interview on his career after the jump.

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The Dark Knight vs Blade Trailer

27 Oct

Re-Trailer Mix Wesley Snipes’ “Blade” vs Christian Bales’ “Dark Knight”.

Worthy opponents.
Another cool re-Edit (Crazy Interview) and Martin Lawerence vs Wesley Snipes after the jump.

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