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Music Video: Obama, the Roots and Jimmy Fallon – Student Loan Slow Jam

25 Apr

For a second I thought this was a hologram.

James Brown on Cup Nooddles

8 Jul

A bit of randoms, to kick start the return of

Comedienne Erin Jackson’s Black History Wish

17 Feb

I had to look it up:

Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;

LMBAO Christmas Gift Guide

6 Dec

Left to Right

First Row
The Boondocks: Complete Third Season, $39.99
Hannibal Buress stand-up tickets, Chicago, Philadelphia, Other Cities
No Business Crewneck Men’s Sweater By Clout, $54.00
Hokum: An Anthology of African-American Humor by Paul Beatty, $12.71

Second Row
Weezysaurus Print (Frame not included), $19.00
– Vintage Comedy Albums (Bill Cosby, $18.00, Redd Foxx, $22.00, Richard Pryor, $14.50, Flip Wilson, $7.95), Album Frames, $15.00
Saturday Night Live: Best of Eddie Murphy/Chris Rock/Tracy Morgan/Adam Sander, $8.99

Third Row
Rock, Paper, Cut Crewneck Men’s Sweater By BOOGER KIDS, $52.00
The World According to Pretty Toney by Ghostface Killah, $17.60
Mike Epps Stand Up Tickets, Starts Jan 8
Sirius Radio’s Mobile App $55 Prepaid Service Card (listen to comedy stations , such as Jamie Foxx’s Foxhole,  and  of  course music on compatible smart phones and computers), $55

Famed Comedian Outfits Redux-ed

2 Dec

-click comedian names to see the outfits in action.

Bernie Mac wore this colorful patterned sleeved shirt on Def Comedy Jam back when most of us weren’t allowed watch. Try this sleek checkered Vintage Luis Alvear Varsity Jacket, to get the same effect without the blast of color and 90s flashback.

Bill Cosby is best known for his multicolored sweaters, however this patterned blazer worn on the cover of “Inside the Mind of Bill Cosby” teaches us that prints can be subtle. This pair of leopard printed shades from Billionaire Boys Club builds on that teachings.

Eddie Murphy and his form-fitting leather pant suit. ‘Nuff said. These Bandit Midtop Supras give an updated twist on Eddie’s leather dream while keeping your chest in your shirt.

Steve Harvey loves his suits and pastel colors. For the most part, you don’t have to get decked out to show you love for softer color palates. Wear a relaxed top in your favorite color, like this Reigning Champ Henley, to show you appreciation of the softer things in life.


Hilarious Portraits of Your Favorite Comedians

29 Nov

1. Martin Lawrence by NielsDV
2. Tracy Morgan by feliperatinho
3. Kevin Hart by INF3CT3D-D3M0N
4. Eddie Murphy by liamska
5. Dave Chapplle by  Frayna77
6. Richard Pryor by digistyle

Artwork found on Deviant Art.

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White Wednesdays: Halloween

27 Oct

Before you go out this Halloween here’s something to remember.