First of all, you may be wondering what LMBAO stands for; I’ll let Urban Dictionary define it.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what the site is all about: funny sh*t. It’s pretty simple. Funny sketches, videos, stand-up, news, etc; basically whatever makes us laugh our asses off.

Questions? Comments? Ideas?

Hit us up at funnyandblack@gmail.com.

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aaron – HBIC (Head Blogger in Charge)

Aaron, known for his insanely popular entertainment blog Aaron Likes Popcorn, likes… popcorn, among other things. He spends his days promoting the city of Philadelphia, and his nights creating new opportunities to speak in the third-person.

Follow him on Twitter at @aehorton.


dave – sometimey blogger

Firstly, Dave is a girl. The difficulty of pronouncing her given name prompted many nicknames including, “D”, “Devious”, and “Care Bear Stare”. Unfortunately for her, “Dave” is the name of choice for many of her friends.

Follow her on Twitter at @davcarr.


jide – Blog Representative

Jide – aka Dorian G. – aka Moonwalk Jenkins – is a smart, sophisticated, and savvy individual who is indispensable to the team, despite the team having no idea what his role on the blog consists of. But it’s definitely extremely important.

Follow him on Twitter at @MoonwalkJenkins