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A Sneak Peak at the Black Dynamite Animated Series Coming Soon to Adult Swim

29 Sep

Oh, we’re hype.

The Black Dynamite news we mentioned last week is apparently more than a rumor. Check out these first look stills from the upcoming animated series, which will air on Adult Swim:

Click on the images to enlarge.

Even more good news:

The Black Dynamite Animated Series further chronicles the exploits of Black Dynamite and his crew. Executive produced by Carl Jones (The Boondocks, Freaknik: The Musical), the series features the voice talents of Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley, Byron Minns, Clifton Powell and JB Smoove.

Much of the talent from the cast of the movie, PLUS Clifton Powell (legend) and JB Smoove (!!!).

Check out our interview with Michael Jai White and Scott Sanders and if you haven’t already, pick up your copy of Black Dynamite on DVD and keep the movement moving.

Black Dynamite Graphic Novel and Animated Series Preview at NY Comic Con

20 Sep

It was on the Facebook fan page, so it must be true.


Don’t miss BLACK DYNAMITE: SLAVE ISLAND, the new graphic novel from Ars Nova and
Ape Entertainment. Preview book debut at New York Comic Con, October 2010.

We’ll also be previewing the new Black Dynamite Animated Series on [adult swim] at New York Comic Con on October 9. Show is Exec Produced by Carl Jones (The Boondocks).

They hinted at this in our interview with the Black Dynamite creators, glad to see it finally going down.

Black Dynamite vs Busta Rhymes

26 Mar

Continuing on our interview with Black Dynamite’s Scott Sanders and Michael Jai White.

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Don’t forget to pick up your DVD or Netflix it.


Featured Post: Black Dynamite Interview with Michael Jai White and Scott Sanders

13 Oct

Last week, we got the chance to sit down with Black Dynamite creator/star Michael Jai White and the film’s director Scott Sanders to discuss the character, the influences, and whole bunch of other stuff that you need to watch the video to find out about.

So uhhh, without further ado:

They were awesome, as is the movie (in theaters October 16th, by the way), and extremely excited about the flick, so make sure you go out and support.

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Black Dynamite Soundboard

Black Dynamite Soundboard

8 Oct
Click the image

Click the image

We were lucky enough to see the movie this week and, trust me, you will not be disappointed. It is every bit as funny as the trailer and viral videos.

The Black Dynamite Soundboard recently launched and it features a ton of the best quotes (Although there are some great ones not included. Guess you’ll just have to see the movie).

The Black Dynamite Soundboard

Also, take the time to “Black Dynamite Yo’ Self“. I think you’ll be pleased with the improvement.

And guess what? We sat down with Black Dynamite star Michael Jai White and director Scott Sanders this week and we’ll have the video interview for y’all to view tomorrow!

– Aaron

Black Firecracker TNT with Ebony Explosion: Black Dynamite’s Dojo

1 Oct

Another hilarious Black Dynamite promotional video. If the movie is even half as enjoyable as these videos, we’re in for a classic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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In theaters October 16th.

– Aaron

Drugs Are Fun with Black Dynamite

23 Sep

There’s been a ton of viral videos and marketing surrounding the upcoming release of Black Dynamite, and recently this joint hit Funny or Die.

Black Dynamite visits the set of beloved 1970s television show “Ding Dong Roar” with an anti-Smack message. All the classic characters are here — Funky Feline (voiced by Tallyhoo Rasulaboo) and Strange Little Alien Child join in this classic anthem of drug abstinence. Original footage provided courtesy of Fight Smack In The Orphanage.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Hmmm, looks familiar.

Check out a response from some familiar faces, after the jump.

– Aaron

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