Happy Harassment Day! [Patrice O’neal]

22 Nov

During one of is hilarious stand-up specials, Patrice O’neal declared the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (today) as Harassment Day. A day where men in the workplace can be a bit more… direct with their female coworkers. Check out Patrice explaining it in the video below.

For those who don’t know, Patrice O’neal suffered a severe stroke last month and his status appears to still be uncertain. Comedian Jeffrey Gurian posted about his experiences with O’neal and provided brief update on his condition:

Comedy manager/producer Wayne Rada is also a long time friend and colleague of Patrice and when I saw him last night at the Andy Kaufman Awards at Gotham Comedy Club, which he was producing, he told me that Patrice’s comic friend Harris Stanton, told him that Patrice is in a hospital in New Jersey, breathing on his own, but on a feeding tube. At this point he’s only capable of blinking his eyes.

If we hear any official updates we’ll let you guys know, in the meantime continue to enjoy the dude’s material. He was and hopefully will continue to be one of the best working.

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