LMBAO Christmas Gift Guide

6 Dec

Left to Right

First Row
The Boondocks: Complete Third Season, $39.99
Hannibal Buress stand-up tickets, Chicago, Philadelphia, Other Cities
No Business Crewneck Men’s Sweater By Clout, $54.00
Hokum: An Anthology of African-American Humor by Paul Beatty, $12.71

Second Row
Weezysaurus Print (Frame not included), $19.00
– Vintage Comedy Albums (Bill Cosby, $18.00, Redd Foxx, $22.00, Richard Pryor, $14.50, Flip Wilson, $7.95), Album Frames, $15.00
Saturday Night Live: Best of Eddie Murphy/Chris Rock/Tracy Morgan/Adam Sander, $8.99

Third Row
Rock, Paper, Cut Crewneck Men’s Sweater By BOOGER KIDS, $52.00
The World According to Pretty Toney by Ghostface Killah, $17.60
Mike Epps Stand Up Tickets, Starts Jan 8
Sirius Radio’s Mobile App $55 Prepaid Service Card (listen to comedy stations , such as Jamie Foxx’s Foxhole,  and  of  course music on compatible smart phones and computers), $55

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