This Is Exactly What I Expected When I Heard Steve Harvey Was Hosting Family Feud

27 Sep

So Steve Harvey has been hosting Family Feud for over a month apparently. I haven’t seen an episode yet but have stumbled across some YouTube clips, and this one basically sums up what I expected:

*Steve Harvey face*

Oh, and then there’s this:


Any of you unemployed folks (recession shots fired!) seen Steve in action? Is he really this bad? Let me know.

3 Responses to “This Is Exactly What I Expected When I Heard Steve Harvey Was Hosting Family Feud”

  1. CareyCarey September 28, 2010 at 11:16 pm #

    I don’t man, but I did catch an episode of Steve’s new gig, and I think he might get in the way. Well, he does his thang, but he strokes his jokes tooo long.

    But I’ll tell you what, I also found a clip. The title is a bit strange but you make the call.

    Pimps Up & Hoes Down: Eddie Long, Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry


  2. CareyCarey September 29, 2010 at 10:58 am #

    Well Aaron, somebody came by from your spot. If it was you, what did you think? Over 2,000 other people have watched it in the last few days, several have left a comment. Did it make you laugh, shake your head or say that brotha is crazy? C’mon, I can handle the truth.


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    […] here at LMBAO, we are huge fans of the work Steve Harvey is doing on the new Family Feud. The format is simple: black family vs. white family and Steve Harvey spends 30 minutes acting […]

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