Recap: Charles Barkley Hosts Saturday Night Live

10 Jan

Last night, NBA Hall of Famer (and generally hilarious human being) Charles Barkley hosted SNL. Chuck’s never been much of an actor (Space Jam) but often just seeing dude on camera can draw enough laughs to make any sketch worth it. Last night was full of hits and misses; you be the judge of which ones worked.

(These may be out of order of how they aired… who cares?)

1. The Opening Monologue
The monologue was awkward and choppy, mainly because Charles was relying on the teleprompter so much (not rare for non-actors). Nice to see a Hannibal Burress cameo (as “Mike”).

2. Reel Quotes
This was probably my favorite Barkley sketch of the night:

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Host: May the force be…?
Barkley as Sam: equal to mass times acceleration!

Check out more Charles after the jump.

– Aaron

3. MacGruber
The MacGruber sketches were split up into three parts and were moderately funny. The whole “name” thing did make me laugh out loud each time.

4. Ski Retreat
This sketch was a mess top to bottom. I wouldn’t even bother watching it, it was that painful.

5. Barkley Golf
If you’ve seen Barkely’s golf swing, you already know this is a classic sketch. All they had to do is show a few real life clips of his swing, and they had a winning segment. Thankfully they did just that, before taking it to the next level. This one had me in tears:

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6. Barkley’s Bank
Charles Barkley gambles! Too easy…

7. Nothing But the Bottom of the Net
This sketch worked for a while, then just got awkward. Charles struggles through this one and kinda drags everyone with him, not that it was very funny past the halfway point anyway.

8. Scared Straight
Barkley plays a great co-star to Kenan’s hilarious McIntosh character in this one. Completly hilarious from beginning to end and Charles plays his role very well:

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