The Wanda Sykes Show: Saturdays on FOX

10 Nov

The Wanda Sykes Show premiered this past Saturday and the early reviews are mixed (I haven’t had a chance to watch yet). Hulu’s got the episode up now, so check it out let us know your thoughts on the first episode:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also… Last week, The AV Club had the chance to sit down with Sykes to talk about the show and a host of other topics:

The A.V. Club: What’s your vision for The Wanda Sykes Show?

Wanda Sykes: We’re not reinventing the late night talk show thing. We’re just going to be a little blend. We’re taping in front of a live audience. I will do a monologue, which will hopefully feel more like a live stand-up performance and not just a string of random jokes. I have a sidekick, Keith Robinson, who’s very funny. I’ve known Keith for over 20 years; he’s my best friend. And we’re going to have panel discussions. There’ll be a bar; we will have alcohol. We’ll play some inappropriate games, and I don’t know, hopefully there’ll be some type of live sacrifice. If it’s a good show, at the end I will be just worn out.

AVC: Have you gotten any advice from other talk show hosts about what to do going in?

WS: Well, I’m bringing some experience from when I worked as a writer on The Chris Rock Show. I learned so much over there, and I loved the way Chris ran that show and set the show up. It was a very writer-driven show. So that’s what I’m trying to create here on my show.

The Wanda Sykes Show
Saturdays at 11pm on FOX

– Aaron

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