Brett Ratner’s Director’s Commentary

18 Sep

A classic Redman joint:

Before Brett Ratner was a big time Hollywood director, like many others he started off making hip-hop music videos. Complex Magazine caught up with Ratner and asked him to provide a little commentary on some of his biggest videos.

Here’s a snippet:

“The best part of the Redman story is, three o’clock in the morning, he says, ‘I want a white bitch to roll up and buy some drugs for me.’ This is when you could just do hardcore videos, and I’m like ‘You wanna portray yourself as dealing drugs?’ ‘Yeah, man, that’s real, man!’ The only problem is, we ain’t gonna find a white bitch in the middle of the night in the street. There was no women on my crew, so Redman goes, ‘What about that white bitch?’ And I said, ‘That’s my mom!’ He goes, ‘Well use that hoe! Put that hoe in the video’ So, my mom is in the Redman video, at the end of the video, when the car pulls up, buying drugs from Redman.”


For no reason, after the jump check out a video of Brett Ratner and Michael Jackson singing R. Kelly in the whip. Seriously.

– Aaron


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