Dave Chappelle: Before the Madness

21 Jul

Before Chappelle’s Show ever aired, Dave Chappelle already had quite the resume. Besides his hilarious comedy special and a failed sitcom, Chappelle had appeared prominently (and not so prominently) in several big movies.

Today, we celebrate his film career in chronological order.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)

If you’re around my age, Men in Tights was the first time you saw Dave Chappelle (I wasn’t allowed to watch Def Comedy Jam at that age).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thats just the beginning; hit the jump for five more early Chappelle clips.

– Aaron

The Nutty Professor (1996)

Dave is Reggie Warrington in arguably the funniest scene in the movie. The great thing about this clip is how Reggie’s stand-up style is the complete opposite of Chappelle’s.

Con Air (1997)

There’s no way you forgot Dave was in Con Air… thanks to TNT airing the movie weekly.

Half Baked (1998)

At this point in his career, Half Baked may have been his crowning achievement. It was extremely difficult to pick just one scene from the movie, so I went with one of my favorite.

Blue Streak (1999)

I can’t help but watch Blue Streak every time it airs. Somebody was kind enough to pull Dave’s best scenes in the movie into a montage.

Undercover Brother (2002)

Dave Chappelle is Conspiracy Brother in the underrated Eddie Griffin flick, Undercover Brother. Dave has a ton of great moments in the movie, and here are a few of them.

One Response to “Dave Chappelle: Before the Madness”

  1. Julian July 26, 2009 at 1:01 pm #

    Classic. I remember taping Robin Hood Men In Tights off of HBO in like ’94.

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