NBC’s Stand-Up For Diversity

15 Jun

Are you hilarious? Are you Black? Hispanic? Asian? Generally not White? Great, this information will be especially helpful for you.

This Summer, NBC’s Stand-Up for Diversity is coming to a city near you, featuring auditions for those of you who fit the above qualifications, along with live performances from the area’s funniest comedians. Basically, if you get through the first few rounds of auditions, you get the opportunity to “showcase” in front of NBC big-wigs and “key industry players” in LA.

From the horse’s mouth:

Many of the comics from last year’s Best of Stand-Up for Diversity showcase signed with top Hollywood agents and met with the entertainment industry’s leading casting directors and executives.

Last year’s top honoree was Rob Stapleton, who recently starred in his own half-hour Comedy Central special and received the honor of an LMBAO.org post (look how far this contest can get you!).

The Comic’s Comic has a great write-up and check out the Official Site for more information.

Cities and dates
Miami: June 28-29
San Diego: July 12-13
Atlanta: August 11-12
New York: TBD

Get your material ready!

– Aaron

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