Get Familiar with Donald Glover

15 May

You probably already know who he is. Well, just in case, refer to some posts of Donald’s work with Derrick Comedy (here and here) and info on his new NBC show: Community

Gothamist sat down with Mr. Glover to discuss his time writing for 30 Rock, Lonely Island, the new show, and more:

What is it like writing for the character of Tracy Jordan? Is there ever a point where you have to stop yourself and be like, “This is too insane. No one would actually say this,” and yet wonder if Tracy could still pull it off.

Well Tina keeps that in check pretty well cause she knows Tracy (Morgan) pretty well and she’s sort of key to the tone of the show. So she knows when things are getting too crazy. We haven’t found that with Tracy where we’ve had to say, “That’s too crazy.” It’s hard cause you wanna keep him real. He has a family and kids. He is a real person. He’s not Wile E. Coyote.

After the jump check out some of Donald’s stand-up work.

spotted at Comedy Central Insider

– Aaron

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