Theo Huxtable’s Greatest Hits

24 Apr

Growing up, I always identified with Theo Huxtable. Maybe it’s because we both underachieved in school, maybe it was the lack of confidence, or maybe it’s because we both had shags.

Here are my favorite three moments from Theo (surprisingly all from Season 1 of the Cosby Show), I’m sure you have others so leave them in the comments.

Theo’s bad grades leads to a quick economics lesson from Cliff:

Check out the other two after the jump.

Theo flips after Denise doesn’t do the best job on making him a knockoff designer shirt. Yup, the Gordon Gartrell episode:

Theo secretly got his ear pierced and Cliff comes to him to investigate.



3 Responses to “Theo Huxtable’s Greatest Hits”

  1. Rawle April 24, 2009 at 12:37 pm #

    Great stuff…I love how they call him “Theodore” in the pilot.

    Another great Theo episode (from the later years – Season 6: “Surf’s Up”) involves his frustrations with Cliff’s excessive storytelling…specifically tales of his favorite root beer and washing the floors in college (with a sponge tied to his butt).

    Check it out. It’s a rare gem from the lackluster later years of the show.



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