I’m Not Saying It Will Be a Bad Movie, but…

23 Mar


Yeah… um…

Shockingly, this is going straight to DVD. Before I bash this too much based on the poster, let’s find out what Frankenhood is all about.

Via I Watch Stuff via Dread Central:

Motown (DeRay Davis) and Darius (Jasper Redd) work in a morgue, trading put-downs and toiling among the most undemanding of customers. But outside of their decidedly dreary jobs, the two dream of bigger and better things. If only they could win the $25,000 prize that will go to the winners of the upcoming 3-on-3 Streetball Tournament. One night, having been demoted to graveyard shift, they run into their semi-sane colleague Franklin (Charlie Murphy) in a dark alley outside the morgue. They find Franklin using the auto battery of Motown’s precious Gremlin to bring to life a monstrous dead man (Bob Sapp) whose heart Franklin has just replaced. That 3-on-3 basketball tournament isn’t looking so bad…if they can just get their new mutant friend to play basketball!

The thing is, I’m definitely gonna watch it.


One Response to “I’m Not Saying It Will Be a Bad Movie, but…”

  1. twobigboobs March 26, 2009 at 3:35 am #

    Dear God, what has the world come to? The only questions left is if this can top Big Momma 2 in shear ridiculousness. Here’s hoping that, at the very least, it will contain fewer fart jokes.

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