Music Video: Obama, the Roots and Jimmy Fallon – Student Loan Slow Jam

25 Apr

For a second I thought this was a hologram.

R.I.P. Patrice O’Neal

29 Nov

When I heard the news this afternoon, I planned to do a huge Patrice O’Neal tribute post with links and videos, etc — but honestly, nothing we could pull together in a few hours would do him justice. So for now…

R.I.P Patrice O’Neal, a LMBAO favorite and in my opinion, one of the funniest of all time.

Drunk Grandmother Goes In On Thanksgiving

26 Nov


T-Pain Battles Kevin Hart’s Rapper Alter-Ego, Chocolate Drop

22 Nov

No synopsis necessary. Although I should say, I chuckled at a few of T-Pain’s bars.  Kevin Hart’s grill throughout, though…


Hold the phone! Stop the presses! Cool the f*** out! It has come to my attention that the T-Pain/Chocolate Drop battle concept was jacked from some kids who dropped a few hilarious versions earlier this year. 4.5 million views? Where the hell was I?? Check one out below…

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Happy Harassment Day! [Patrice O’neal]

22 Nov

During one of is hilarious stand-up specials, Patrice O’neal declared the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (today) as Harassment Day. A day where men in the workplace can be a bit more… direct with their female coworkers. Check out Patrice explaining it in the video below.

For those who don’t know, Patrice O’neal suffered a severe stroke last month and his status appears to still be uncertain. Comedian Jeffrey Gurian posted about his experiences with O’neal and provided brief update on his condition:

Comedy manager/producer Wayne Rada is also a long time friend and colleague of Patrice and when I saw him last night at the Andy Kaufman Awards at Gotham Comedy Club, which he was producing, he told me that Patrice’s comic friend Harris Stanton, told him that Patrice is in a hospital in New Jersey, breathing on his own, but on a feeding tube. At this point he’s only capable of blinking his eyes.

If we hear any official updates we’ll let you guys know, in the meantime continue to enjoy the dude’s material. He was and hopefully will continue to be one of the best working.

Donald Glover Introduces Turquoise Jeep Records At Texas Festival

20 Nov

From YouTube to superstardom.

At the Fun Fun Fun festival in Austin, Texas, Turquoise Jeep Records shows just how far they’ve made it, performing in front of a packed house of fans going ham during their medley of hits. Yes, hits.

Below, check out Donald Glover introduce the group and the fan reactions — and after the jump watch the crew’s latest music video, Why I Gotta Wait.

Expect a larger Turquoise Jeep post in the near future, but until then… Keep The Jeep Riding!

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J.B. Smoove Talks About Leon, Larry David And More

20 Nov

Humor Mill TV caught up with J.B. Smoove after one his shows and he talks about Larry David’s massive amounts of money, convincing Larry to do another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and his new website:

J.B. Smoove is on a shortlist of folks who make you laugh as soon as they start talking.

The interview is below and after the jump check out a video from The Ruckus.

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